The journey through the hard won education in Chinese medicine and similar life events along the way led to a friendship and eventual joint venture for business partners Brooke Taylor and Jordan Jacobs. This collaboration is aptly named The Road. A shared passion for the healing medicine was cemented during a holiday spent in Portugal exploring all things saudade, or the love that remains, when they decided they had much to give through the synergy of a team approach. 



Their passion for care shines in every detail of receiving a treatment - each becomes a healing and relaxing experience that stays with you long after you leave thanks to the level of comfort provided. The holistic nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine means treating the person as a whole, at the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Brooke and Jordan have taken great care to make sure you feel heard, that each treatment moves you along in the process of reaching your goals, and that you feel cared for in the environment.


Much of the consideration for textures and aromas becomes part of the curated apothecary, so you can take what you find healing home with you. Look for an ever changing offering according to seasons.


They travel between the two studios to work and collaborate, enjoying their four-legged friends, music, and the occasional whiskey on the balcony or in front of the fire.

Come see what they are up to!