Welcome to My New Space

The way I provide treatments is unique, so I needed a unique space to reflect my commitment to care.

I have always given treatments one at a time. When I treat a patient, they have my full attention for the duration of their treatment. From assessment, to body acupuncture, skincare, and facial acupuncture, resting with light therapy, any cupping, guasha, moxa, and follow up - it's all you. My exception, when you bring your partner, there's room for them, too.

The space I found, also found me.

I began looking, saw the interior images of this space, and fell in love with it. Without knowing it was literally across the street, and that my colleague was in the same building.

I met the owner in a serendipitous way. She had noted to a friend she was looking for a cosmetic acupuncturist. I planned an appointment to see her space the next day - do you believe in coincidences? I met her realtor and looked around. I loved it, but didn't follow through, yet.

When Becky, the owner was back in town, we finally met, and what a girl crush. She's a fantastic artist, decorator, designer and flipper of houses. The best part, though, was she had taken a course on Chinese Meridian Feng Shui, and already applied these tenets to the space. Perhaps another reason I was so drawn to the space - she had strategically placed crystals in the walls at the appropriate positions - metal, earth, and so on. Sometimes people feel good just hanging out in a space that has been aligned this way, so I was pretty excited the space was pre 'wired' energetically.

Otherwise, the space lends itself to growing the retail that I offer. I carry the products that I recommend for improving your skin, calming the mind, easing digestion, treating allergies, and more. I look forward to expanding this section with collaborators in the near future.

Another reason I chose the space - it is roomy enough to host gatherings for educational purposes, and fun! My first gathering will be a class on guasha. I perform this for patients for skincare and lymphatic drainage, but it's something that you can be doing at home to keep up the good work for improving your skin. Stay tuned for information on how to participate.

The other occupants in the building include Cancer Rehab Center, Knot Detective, and a boutique salon, each personally chosen by the owner for their synergy of offerings in the buildings.

The Spicewood Springs Lane building itself is green wood with white brick, two story, with ample parking and accessibility. The front faces Spicewood Lane. My space is inside the door on your right, head towards the stairs inside, then on your left to the glass door.

I look forward to serving you soon,