LIVE! Summer Specials

It's that time - my once a year specials are now LIVE! I like to do the packages now, when people are realizing they might have overdone it on the sun, or they are really feeling run down from being on the go in the heat. The YANG of summer can really get to us here in Austin!

The offer of the treatments in this format is for a limited time. This is to ensure that I have plenty of availability for those that take on the commitment of regular treatments. Though if history is any indication, some just like to keep these treatments in their pocket for special occasions. The treatments don't expire for this reason. You can schedule yourself as you see fit. However, if we've consulted and you're doing facial rejuvenation, make sure your treatments are close enough together to build on our progress - we don't want to be starting at square one each time!

Whether you are dipping a toe in acupuncture as a newbie, or want to explore natural alternatives to botox and injections, these intro packages are a good way to see if you're a fit for these treatments.

Sometimes people have a special challenge they want to address, and I've created a package tailored to their needs, like firming an area, cellulite, or weight loss. After an assessment and laying out your goals, we land on a treatment plan that works for you.

Lastly, if you'd like to partake but would rather have a payment plan, just let me know! They are easy to set up.

Hope to see you soon,



Link to view the summer specials - here!