“My head felt clear, my thoughts were relaxed; yet my body was active and alive.” 

Jordan Jacobs
Jordan Jacobs 
LAc, MAcOM, Esthetician

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jordan’s primary goal is to provide people with the tools to live a healthy, vibrant, and balanced life. Jordan holds a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, including a one-month internship at the Chengdu University of TCM in Sichuan, China. In addition to practicing acupuncture she is a licensed Esthetician. Before moving to Jonestown, TX in 2012 to care for her father, Jordan was working and living in Los Angeles, CA as an esthetician at Ra Organic Spa, Stark Waxing and the Face Place. Through her years of working in the skincare industry she became drawn to other holistic forms of healing. Jordan will never forget her first acupuncture treatment and the way it left her buzzing. It was then that she began to understand the Chinese philosophy of a balanced body and the concept of Qi. “My head felt clear, my thoughts were relaxed; yet my body was active and alive”.


Jordan’s belief for helping others is exemplified in the time she takes with each of her patients to ensure they receive the most effective treatment possible.  Her goal is to encourage everyone she treats to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands through knowledge and awareness of how profound the healing systems of the body can be when given the opportunity.


In addition to a strong general practice, Jordan specialized in facial rejuvenation treatments, stress, emotional disorders, allergies, pain, chronic fatigue, sleep irregularity, digestive issues, and addiction. Jordan finds her inspiration in life through nature, spending time with her animals, studying holistic medicine, and getting to know her community. Her private practice is located at her home studio the Road at Hillside Hideaway. The studio is nestled in the trees over looking Lake Travis. Here you will find a tranquil, healing space surrounded by nature and a giant old oak tree that hugs the studio.  Jordan also treats patients at The Road at Gracy Woods located in North Austin, by appointment.