Your First Visit

The groundwork for healing based on your wellness goals. A thorough medical intake and your first acupuncture session based on analysis of your condition, physical assessment, tongue and pulse diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine. May include other modalities as indicated, such as cupping or gua sha.


  • establish a baseline of your current condition

  • begin assessment according to TCM principles

  • establish goals for your treatment outcome

  • treat accordingly (start feeling better!)

  • measure your response to treatment


Paperwork to establish your file will be required with the initial treatment. We will provide forms for you prior to your appointment (downloads below), or you may arrive 15 minutes early to fill them out. 

Please provide your medical history, any recent doctor visit results, and medication lists so that we may best take your condition into consideration. 

Call to find out which appointment is best for your concern.

The day of your appointment, consider the following:

  • Eat as usual the day of your treatment - don't skip a meal. Try to have at least something light an hour or so before your appointment. 

  • Wear comfy clothes. I usually need access to your legs up to your knees, and your arms up to your elbows. For facials, I request removal of the top and bra straps to avoid getting oil on clothes, and to optimize lymphatic flow. 

  • Advise at your appointment if you do not want your hair or makeup affected, I'll do my best to avoid disturbing these. 

  • Post-treatment, plan to take it easy. Rest, drink water, and nourishing foods. 

  • Plan on your treatment being time set aside for you. Leave your cell phone off during your session. 

  • Some people experience shifts in emotions, from a sense of release to well being. It's best if you can plan to just be for a while post treatment.