There is an option for optimizing your skin health and appearance that doesn't include invasive procedures! 

Discover what the buzz is about on a global level by addressing your skin care concerns through the natural and holistic approach of acupuncture, herbal formulas, organic skincare, facial cupping and guasha. There's a reason beauty editors call the treatment the "Eastern Face Lift" and "The New Botox" - it works! 

Women are reaching out starting in their 30s through their 60s and beyond to see what can be done about a dull complexion, wrinkles or fine lines, dehydration, dryness, congestion, acne and scarring, loss of collagen and elasticity, pigmentation, puffiness, and dark circles. 

My multi-faceted approach is unique - I combine my deep knowledge of skincare from years in the industry as a global educator and esthetician with modern acupuncture applications for repairing the skin.

How fast can you see results? The healthier the skin the faster it responds, but I've seen amazing results by working on your health, creating beauty from the inside out, at any age. You'll see a difference in one treatment, with certain conditions taking longer to correct - consider how long it takes collagen to form as we age.


But it's not enough to get a 'lift' here or be wrinkle-less. You want to glow, have bright eyes, feel hydrated and nourished, and see clarity in your complexion. Acupuncture and the other techniques I use can increase collagen and elasticity, brighten the complexion, smooth wrinkles and re-contour to bring out the youthful shape of your face. 


This occurs as fluids are shifted, tension is released, muscles are toned, and responses occur on a cellular level with acupuncture and guasha to reduce inflammation and signal collagen.


PLUS:: most patients find they sleep better and have improved digestion. I work with many conditions, from auto-immune, symptoms of menopause, allergies, headaches, anxiety, depression, pain and more. As you are sleeping better and your digestion improves, your energy levels rise. And the knock on effect - you begin to look as healthy as you feel. 


Consultations are FREE. They are typically blocked out for 15 minutes, but if you need more time, simply call and we'll set it aside for you. We use this time to explore your concern and get a realistic expectation for treatment. I will tell you how many treatments to expect to see improvement. If I feel I cannot help you, I will let you know. 


I often prescribe an herbal formula to enhance your results, if needed. I will also take a look at your current skincare routine and products and let you know if you're on track, and recommend an area you might address if an adjustment should be made. 


What does a treatment look like with me? Most treatments are comprehensive, though once your condition is improved, you can move to a more brief maintenance treatment, or simply come in less often. 


I cleanse your skin with organic products from Kindred Skincare Co. You will learn about oil cleansing and how it can improve your complexion, no matter what type of skin you have. We'll take a look together at your concerns. 


I'll assess your overall constitution through pulse and tongue analysis. You'll get needles as in traditional acupuncture to support the treatment and any challenges you have - to get blood or qi moving, help with a 'lift', decongest, remove dampness, 'soothe the liver qi', cool the blood, improve digestion or sleep, calm an overactive mind, and more. 


Facial needles are applied - they are tiny! Do they hurt? You do feel them, but most find it to be a momentary sensation, and they go on to relax deeply while the needles are in. Can you bruise? Yes, but this is not common. Some people have a deeply restful nap during treatment, and feel very refreshed after.  


You might receive further treatment according to your needs, from a mask or exfoliation, deep hydration, high frequency, or other modalities I have up my sleeve to customize your treatment. 


I perform facial guasha or cupping to enhance circulation and ensure deep hydration. Tension is relieved where held in the jaw and neck to increase circulation. Even the scalp is relaxed. The eye area gets special attention with cooling rose quartz on pressure points.  


Also, I open your lymphatic system to optimize drainage, leaving the face glowing, de-puffed. This is delicate work, highly relaxing. Be sure to drink water after your treatments. 


That's about it.


Don't wait until you have anything I've mentioned to try acupuncture. We usually treat anything that doesn't require a trip to the ER or that is contagious - that's a trip to the doctor's office toot suite. I also don't recommend facial acu if you're on blood thinners or pregnant, but you can have other facial treatments that are soothing and therapeutic. We'll need to manage other conditions like high blood pressure, easily bruising, or migraines prior to starting any facial acupuncture.  


Already have botox or fillers? Wait a month to six weeks (depends on where/how much) and come see me then. Call for more information on this. Post surgery? Treatments can help with inflammation and swelling. 

Ready to learn what's in store for you? Book your appointment now! 

See you soon,