The "Eastern Face Lift" has made headlines for being a natural alternative that lifts, increases collagen, minimizes lines and pigmentation.

Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncture


Physical appearance is closely linked to a person's overall health. Acupuncture offers a method to address cosmetic concerns and general health issues simultaneously. 


Chances are if you’re on this page of my website, you’ve been exploring your options for treating a skin condition, or you’re looking for help with the signs of aging. 


Options abound! Unfortunately many of them are not in line with our personal philosophies for maintaining our health and appearance in a natural, holistic way.


Some of you have already asked your doctor about invasive or chemical procedures/injections only to find you’re not a candidate. You may have had the procedures done in the past, but are looking to extend the life of the effects, going longer between injections. Or you’re just ready to move on from those procedures. 


No matter where you fit in this spectrum, you can be sure you’ve now found a natural alternative that offers real solutions for your complaint. 


Concerns I hear most often that are addressed in my clinic include the following: 


  • loss of elasticity, collagen that causes sagging or sunken appearance

  • fine lines, wrinkles 

  • pigmentation, sun damage, liver spots

  • discoloration or dull skin

  • rough texture, thinning or thickening of the skin

  • congestion, blackheads, large pores

  • acne, breakouts 

  • development of characteristic lines: marionette, nasolabial folds, "elevens", smile lines, lip lines, from facial expressions or sleep patterns

  • skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea

  • redness and sensitivity

  • itchy dry skin or scalp 

  • rashes 


With years of experience in the skincare industry, I understand how to work with your skin to create change, plus employ the powerful dynamic of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. 


With Cosmetic Acupuncture I’m treating your skin from the inside out - we start with a health assessment. If you have high inflammation in your system somewhere, chances are it will show in your skin. Through acupuncture, we can work to bring your health into alignment, and your skin will follow. 


Constitutional points (needles) are applied to the body to ensure the entire system is contributing to improving the skin, removing blockages, reducing stressors, and increasing circulation. 


Acupuncture needles (small!) are placed in key locations in the facial area to stimulate collagen, improve elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and impart a glow. Combined with other techniques I perform, such as the Eastern Face Lift modality of guasha and facial cupping, results are seen in one treatment, with ongoing improvement over time. You might also benefit from use of the LED light panel by Celluma, proven to increase collgen, reduce pain, and treat acne. 


The extended version of this treatment includes the use of nourishing botanical skincare from Kindred for cleansing and hydrating, and custom masks inspired by Chinese medicine. Short on time? Then I'll focus on the needles working their magic. 

Any age is a good time to consider a program to work with your skincare. Teens and onward need a good regimen and knowledge of sun care. Other concerns might be breakouts, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, redness, sun damage, pigmentation, and more.


The focus on skincare can often coincide with peri-menopause or menopause as we start to see more signs of aging. Facial acupuncture is important for treating the skin to minimize the effects of hormone changes and lifestyle choices, like thinning skin, dryness, and lines.

It is said, botox freezes Qi while acupuncture moves Qi. Our bodies were meant to move, and many texts consider Qi to be 'flow'! And while some procedures to freeze or fill will remove lines, they do not address the actual condition of your skin. You need to repeat the process to maintain the results, and worse case scenario, you no longer look like you. 


My goal for you is for you to look and feel like the best version of yourself, through this ancient medicine and modern techniques, but you’ll find many other benefits to ongoing treatment, from reduced stress, improved sleep and digestion to improved energy. 

Benefits include:


  • increase blood flow to the skin, creating the 'glow' of facial acupuncture

  • improve barrier function of the skin for better absorption of products, moisture

  • improve hydration, balance oil

  • lift sagging muscles & tissues

  • stimulate collagen production

  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

  • reduce pigmentation and scarring

  • brighten and open the eye area

  • reduce puffiness, shift fluids

  • relieve tightness in tendons/muscles from stress

  • improve jawline and cheek contours

  • reduce congestion and breakouts, acne

  • reduce redness and inflammation in the skin

  • improve appearance of face shifting that occurs with age

Feel free to call me, or arrange a consultation so we can talk about your skin or condition, and see if I can help you. If I can, I will let you know what that will look like. I'm happy to be part of your healing journey for your skin and health.


75 mins - first sessions, and optional ongoing protocol, with makeup removal and nourishing skincare, exfoliation/mask if needed, lymphatic drainage, and hydration. Other options might include LED or ultrasound for pores. 

50 mins - makeup can stay on or be removed; needles for face and constitution; skincare advice as needed


A series of 12 is recommended for best results for some conditions

Packages available

Note: there are some occasions that might not be suited for facial acupuncture, including taking blood thinners or medications that contribute to easily bruising. I recommend a gap of two months between your last treatment of botox or fillers before facial acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is not indicated during pregnancy, but the other treatments can be given, such as facial cupping and facial guasha. Call me for a brief consultation to determine if this treatment is suitable for you.

NEW! LED Light Therapy for Acne, Pain and Wrinkles

New at the clinic, the Celluma Pro LED light therapy device! 

Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. You can think of it as a battery charger for compromised cells - the light source emits photons which are absorbed in the mitochondria and cell membrane, causing an elevation of ATP synthesis; increased ATP causes a cascade of metabolic events resulting in biochemical & cellular changes including the following: fibroblast cells, keratinocytes, mast cells, neutrophil cells, macrophage cells, and P.acnes bacteria. 

What does this mean for you?

If you have acne, the blue wavelength works to kill bacteria responsible for breakouts. Wrinkles are diminished over time as an up-regulation of ATP helps generate new collagen and elastin. And lastly, the wavelength with IR and red assists in decreasing inflammation, lessening pain and speeding wound healing. 

You'll notice improved condition of the skin, less redness, and more firm skin. Pain is lessened, movement is easier. And breakouts are minimized. 

See the blog on Celluma Pro for more! 

15 or 30 minute sessions, during acupuncture treatment 

this therapy is an add-on, you can select at booking

Eastern Face Lift : Guasha + Facial Cupping

Dubbed the ‘Eastern Face Lift’ for its abilities to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, gua sha for the face is a gentle technique to plump, contour, tighten and rejuvenate skin. Gentle movements with smooth rose quartz tool stimulate blood circulation and lymph movement, and relax muscles where stress lies, assisting in preventing future wrinkles. The treatment alternates between cool and warm, to further flush the lymphatic system, bringing nutrients to the skin.  



  • brighten complexion

  • reduce puffiness, improve contours

  • increase circulation of blood and lymph

  • relax rigid muscles, reduce stress

  • reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles 

  • improve skin tone (glow!)


Performed with Kindred botanical oils to nourish skin.

Along with guasha, gentle decompression massage with cups made especially for the more delicate skin of the face lift the fascia and tissue bring fresh blood flow, increase delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. 

The lymph system in the face is close to the surface and responds to a rhythmic, gentle manual movement. We begin by opening and moving the lymph in the body through gentle stretching and cupping to encourage best results of moving the entire system. The skin is not decompressed into the cup long enough to create a mark on the skin. Rather, you will have a glow from the increase in circulation. 



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