Brooke Taylor

Like a lot of practitioners, I came to Chinese medicine after trying it for myself and experiencing profound change. 


Years ago, I was experiencing stress related insomnia - I could fall asleep, then I would wake up and toss and turn for hours. After just one treatment, I slept through the night that night, and from then on. Others were commenting that something was different - I seemed more relaxed, even my voice sounded different on the phone. 


All I could think is wow, what else is possible? I considered other areas I felt blocked or where I had noticed changes in my body or health, and kept going back as the layers were peeled and improved.


I had acupuncture off and on over the next several years as I moved around, then relied on it heavily to get through colon cancer - most likely a side effect of adhesions from a treatment I had as a youth. I had been living abroad, burning the candle at both ends in the skincare industry. I came back to the US to sort things out, and decided I needed to regroup once I healed. I chose a new path for myself at midlife. One that would mean I was in charge of my future, and contributing to the health and wellbeing of others. 


I studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine at AOMA in Austin, Texas. We’re talking 3000 hours in studies with over 1000 hours in hands on clinical experience diagnosing and treating. I have my master’s in Oriental Medicine and a license from the state of Texas after passing their medical boards. I’m also a board certified member of NCCAOM.  


In the mix of earlier years, I was a fly-fishing guide and instructor. I had been blessed with great skin, but a few years pursuing this passion, and I was well on the way to premature aging that was going to be very challenging to reverse. So I went to school in New York for esthetics. Once licensed, I moved back to Colorado to practice in a ski town - the best of all worlds for me. This time, however, I knew how to take care of my skin, and passed this on to others. 


Fast forward, and it all comes together. I spent years as an educator for a skin, body and hair care range out of Australia, working in everything from branding to treatments, to product development. 


Now I apply what I know about skin with what I’ve learned through the principles of Chinese medicine. There’s a significant amount of advanced knowledge to address skin concerns through the eye of acupuncture and herbs, and I thoroughly enjoy this application of the medicine. I'm not here to remove every last line, rather help you have the healthiest skin you can, and be happy in it. 


Treatments wind their way around overall health, including inflammation, digestion, hormones, stress, sleep disruptions, allergies and more. I also treat women going through hormonal shifts of peri-menopause and menopause, including symptoms we are familiar with - night sweats and hot flashes, and many we are not expecting, such as anxiety, dryness, and fatigue. 


I look forward to working with you if we are a fit. I encourage you to give me a call or set up an appointment to review your concern. 



"I have to pinch myself that this is what I get to do every day, helping people live their best life through this medicine."