Like many in this industry, I am practicing social distancing to help 'flatten the curve'. Current patients will be booked as soon as I return, new patients are encourage to inquire about starting treatment as soon as possible thereafter! Thank you for your patience and understanding, and stay well.


Your health and wellbeing are deeply intertwined.

I'm on a mission to bring about your best skin/body/mind/health using natural alternatives.

You don't have to accept aches, pain, digestive issues, lack of sleep, anxiety, and the effects of stress as your new normal. 

You can age well! 

Initiate good health as a preventative, or undo a few years of decline with acupuncture and Chinese medicine modalities.

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Brooke is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and has a very calm, nurturing presence. I love that with acupuncture, Brooke can treat skin concerns as well as other things that might be going on, like cold, allergies, or stress. I always feel so rejuvenated after a session. Also the whites of my eyes always look so bright after a treatment! I find that especially amazing. Ask her about it, and she will fill you in! I really like the line of products she uses as well. --KR

Completely refreshed mind, body and soul after seeing Brooke Taylor, my skin and me love everything she does to it! ~M.V.S

Just wanted to let you know that my skin is the best it has looked in the past few months! I’m very excited! ~S.G. 

You must have her show what she can do for your face (like take 10 years off) Just like botox!!! ~B.R.

After seeing an MD specialist for 7 months for a serious health condition and facing surgery, Brooke cured my condition in two visits after utilizing a protocol using acupuncture and estim. I am still astounded. ~Cindy M.

Brooke's facial program has rejuvenated my skin from the inside out. I positively glow after a session and my wrinkles are slowly and subtly fading away. Brooke is scholar of skin care and uses a combination of natural products and acupuncture to custom tailor each treatment. I am no longer considering cosmetic surgery. Thank you Brooke! ~C.E.M

I now have hope that I am capable of recovery … which is arguably necessary for any return to health. ~M.H.